Monday, January 10, 2011

The Wait

It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon.....Skye slowly opened her eyes to catch the dull sunny rays pouring into her room through the beige blinds in her room. It was chilly and Skye pulled her blanket closer and snug deeper into her bed. She reached for her phone on the side table pressing some buttons to wake him up too. No new messages....but some new mails. She set back her phone to its original place and rolled over her side. It was late and she knew she had to wake up. 'Wake up to what?' she asked herself....after 10 more minutes of staring at the roof...she rolled out of bed...quick to adjust the bed sheets, she walked herself to her routine morning bath.

Skye eagerly switched open her computer in wanting to check her mail. She might have gotten a reply from something she had been waiting for months. Her face fell back as she saw ‘0 mails’ in her mailbox. “Maybe tomorrow Skye” she told herself, but for some odd reason didn’t believe that either.

She prepared for her morning meals, her usual routine everyday. Thinking heavily about if Skye will ever hear from them made her add salt to her cup of tea instead of sugar. Skye stared at the cup for long as if trying to tell her salty tea to magically become proper. Cursing she emptied her tea into the drain and prepared to make a fresh one. Skye realized how much she hated waiting, she’d rather hear a NO response from them instead of this wait. This wait was costing her too much but who should she talk about it to?

Skye’s twin sister April walked into the kitchen texting simultaneously where Skye was lost in thought. “You alright Skye?” she asked her sister with a concerned expression after spotting her. “Yea of course! Why wouldn’t I be?” Skye lied to April.

“ Well…these days you seem to be fading away” April replied. “Fading away?” Skye managed to fake a laugh. “What does that supposed to mean?” she asked her sister knowing exactly what she was talking about. April shrugged, “Alright, if you say so” she replied walking away.

Skye switched on the TV hoping there would be something she liked….a cartoon perhaps! She flicked through the very limited channels and found nothing interested. She sighed switching the TV off. Skye’s parents did not want the family to subscribe to cable. It was reasoned out that the girls would lose focus which the girls never really understood!

She went back to her waiting laptop in the room. Maybe she should just……wait.

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